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Gecta Computing

The Big Splash in Big Data!

We are creating a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster that will allow processing of huge volumes of structured and unstructured data and will serve as the BigData storage.

At the basis of the HPC cluster lies a new-generation blockchain technology, GectаHPC BlockChain, that outperforms classical blockchains from the technical perspective and can be used in commercial and industrial settings. For the sake of functional reliability of the GectаHPC BlockChain, we created a special system, Gecta Mining Pool, within which the blockchain technology itself is supported and, at the same time, cryptocurrency GectaCoin is generated. The process is realized through three consecutive programs (Gecta Mining Primary, Gecta Mining Distributed, GectaHPC Cluster, GectaHPC Advanced, GectaHPC Executive).

Having joined the Gecta Mining Pool, its participants increase the capacity of GectаHPC BlockChain and earn the cryptocurrency simultaneously. To start mining, a personal computer, a special hardware USB-device, and software are required.
Our technology is used for the post-information community Synterium within the strategical partnership.

“I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts”

John D. Rockefeller
2016 July

The idea of linking unbound data into the secure registry of one BlockChain occurred.

2016 November

The launch of the first version of the GectaHPC BlockChain to support infrastructure business processes.

2017 April

Creation of the full-scale infrastructure for the commercial launch of the GectaHPC BlockChain.

2017 June

Strategic partnership with the Synterium platform and the beginning of the massive GectaCoin mining.

2017 November

Development of the distributed computing network to support the GectaHPC BlockChain.

2018 March

Expansion of the GectaHPC BlockChain hardware network using the new-generation devices starting with 6000 nodes.

2018 August

Realization of the GectaHPC BlockChain potential for commercial projects in different fields.

2019 February

The entry of GectaCoin into cryptocurrency markets and ensure its currency rate growth by a market-maker.

2019 September

The positioning of the GectaCoin as a popular payment instrument in the Synterium infrastructure.

2020 January

Beginning of the GectaCoin massive use outside the Synterium infrastructure.

GectaHPC BlockChain

The main feature of the technology lies in another factor, namely, within the global physical blockchain, a separate virtual blockchain is generated for every type of data or every task that is created for the data storage. This feature allows taking GectaHPC BlockChain to a new level, thus ensuring its massive use for commercial and industrial purposes.

Where can GectaHPC BlockChain be used?

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Genomics Digital storage of genetic data; a safe and decentralized process of medical information exchange between patients, healthcare providers, and researchers.

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Computer graphics Accumulation, storage, and processing of graphical data, identification, and comparison of visual representations.

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Ecology The acquisition of statistic data for creating a global map in accordance with geolocation and temporal characteristics.

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Authorship and ownership The support and maintenance of ownership rights, the role of mechanism in case an author or an artist transfers their ownership rights to a buyer or a collector.

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Data storage Storage of commercial data in public and private registries with a reliable access and a guarantee of keeping the historical data unchanged.

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Electronic voting Creation of voting registers to avoid data manipulation and rigging of elections.

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Neural networks Building of neural network models in order to process, classify, recognize the stored data; prediction of behavior based on the built models.

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Protection against inflation
Transaction irreversibility
Assurance of funds ownership
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Payment instrument
Exchange rate stability
Market promotion
Supply with real money
Limited issuance
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Global and independent cryptocurrency

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The volume of issue is limited at the blockchain level and is 4’000’000’000 coins.

You can see process of GectaCoin emission in the video below.

The exchange currency of GectaCoin is constantly growing, ensured by Rise Over Market policy on the basis of the Guarantee Fund functional.

What are the benefits of Rise Over Market?

The Rise Over Market policy ensures the continuous growth of the cryptocurrency GectaCoin exchange rate on the following grounds:

• Transactional fees.

The decrease in the amount of free circulating cryptocurrency by means of transactional fees.

• The exchange rate differences

The expansion of the Guarantee Fund by means of exchange rate differences in the process of buying and selling of the cryptocurrency.

• Commercial income.

The growth of the Guarantee Fund as a result gaining income from the commercial use of GectaHPC BlockChain.

• Market trading.

The expansion of the Guarantee Fund resulting from sales of cryptocurrency at high market rates in comparison with the official ones.

The growth of the exchange rate depends on the number of operations involving the cryptocurrency. The higher the popularity and use of the GectaCoin are, the bigger the Guarantee Fund gets.

Gecta Mining Pool

Ensures the operation of GectaHPC BlockChain and generation of cryptocurrency GectaCoin. The mining process of the cryptocurrency is realized through the use of special hardware USB-devices. The USB-devices are connected and activated with the help of personal computers and allow users to participate in GectaHPC BlockChain operations, and simultaneously earn the cryptocurrency GectaCoin.

Ensuring the operation of its own new generation BlockChain and to provide a new GectaCoin cryptocurrency.

How is the cryptocurrency generated?

To join the system, you need to connect a USB hardware device to your computer. To do this, you need to install special software. After it is installed, the hardware device connects automatically to the mining pool, which assigns tasks to the device processor. The USB-device processor performs the required mathematical computations at the hardware level. The required hash-function computations are conducted through the optimized algorithm.
Currently, you can join the Gecta Mining Pool, by choosing and purchasing one of the following devices:

Standard GM-10k

10 000 Coins/year

advanced GM-20k

20 000 Coins/year

premium GM-40k

40 000 Coins/year

These devices are freely available on the Internet. They are cost-efficient and are fully recouped in six months.
Having bought and activated the device, you can join the marketing program Gecta Mining Primary and benefit from it on the grounds of its terms and conditions.

Gecta Mining Primary

The marketing program Gecta Mining Primary is organized together with the Synterium Community and is deployed on the information record-keeping platform Synterium Platform.

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How is the owner of a hardware device rewarded?

- Cryptocurrencies generation (a number of completed tasks) as the essential task of Gecta BlockChain technology realization.
- Gecta BlockChain technology promotion and participation in the network building.
- High performance of their own network.

Choose your operating system to download the Mining Program:

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