GectaCoin: Exchange Rate Growth!

Dear friends,

Our financial partner – Gecta Custody Services company – would like to share some amazing news! In accordance with the stated policy of the Custody Fund, named Rise Over Market, and the total transaction flow of the network, the exchange rate of GectaCoin has increased!

According to the analytical review of GectaCoin accounting unit, here are the statistics for this current moment:

  • At the moment of 12:00 by Greenwich (GMT+0), the GectaCoin emission totals 13 513 546.97281922 (which is 0.34% of the total emission stated);
  • An increase in the emission compared to the previous week is 915 381.69366959 (which is 6.77%);
  • During the current and the previous weeks, the transactional flow has remained at the same level (which has affected the correlation between Free Float and Reserve GCT Funds).

The totality of the factors mentioned above allowed to raise the exchange rate of GectaCoin (GCT) for 0.2% and thus, at this point, the official rate of GectaCoin to EUR is 0.1011.

This means that this is the first time in the history of GectaCoin, the index of the exchange rate in relation to the initial rate has increased in more than 1%.

You can check this data by visiting the official website of Gecta Custody Services, as well as in the personal cabinet of Synterium.

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