New Opportunities: GectaHPC BlockChain

Within the frames of the functionality expansion of GectaHPC BlockChain and to provide more complete coverage of business processes of the Corporate sector, Central Marketing Limited company has implemented the feature of creating new accounting units, based on VBC technology (Virtual BlockChain) that can be used in the form of traditional financial instruments. This means that business clients may produce not only cryptocurrency and tokens but also digital coupons, that have a specific expiration date and equivalent to obligations, promissory notes, futures contracts, factoring obligations, gift certificates, etc. Such digital coupons can be stored in both cryptocurrency and “cold” wallets, as well as transferred from one wallet to another the same way as the existing cryptocurrencies and tokens do.

Such decision, at this point, is considered to be unique for the blockchain technology market, where such solutions have been used previously, being created mainly in the form of buildup component of the blockchain itself, during the realization of smart-contracts; this, eventually, have caused high pricing for such solution for the end consumer. GectaHPC BlockChain technology allows the client to receive their solution in accordance with standard cost, equal to the emission amount of cryptocurrency and token; furthermore, such technology gets a technical advantage as the logic of the digital coupon itself is realized at the algorithm core level; the accounting units are protected by the blockchain technology itself, particularly at the chain level, with no need of implementing additional software buildup.

This new functionality is realized by request of one of Synterium business partners and will allow to produce a new product line and widen the possibilities of blockchain technology application in traditional business processes.

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