Gecta Computing Pool: Maintenance Accomplished

We would like to share important information as per the global maintenance of the GectaLinker software and server engine being successfully accomplished. The previously announced compensations have been processed automatically in the form of 72 hours of computing.

According to the results of the performed maintenance, a significant work optimization has been carried out, as well as major bug fixes and navigation user interface improvements implemented.

At this point, the last and current GectaLinker version is 1.0.64. Please note that there is a number of participants using an out-of-date desktop version of the software preceding ver. 1.0.50*.

Such participants should enter the official website of Gecta Computing Industries and download the latest version of the program according to your operational system:

For Windows OS:
For iOS:

*Important! We would like to point out that starting from version 1.0.50, the update of the software is automatic, however, in case you are using the older version, to ensure uninterrupted computing, make sure to download the latest version manually.

Starting from tomorrow, the access to the Gecta Computing Pool for the devices using a version older than 1.0.64 may be limited, thus, should you have any difficulties accessing the Pool, we strongly recommend to update the program to the latest version.

Stay tuned!

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